Tow a Skip is the UK’s only towable skip service.

Our aim is to take the hassle, the mess and the inconvenience out of waste disposal. Using a totally unique trailer mounted skip, our service is faster and more convenient than a conventional skip service, it couldn’t be more simple.  Waste disposal just got really easy!

  • Lockable lids – To make sure it is only your rubbish we are disposing of.
  • No permit required – Can park on roads without the need for expensive council permits.
  • Will not damage drive ways – On wheels so no damage. Delivered by 4x4’s, not heavy lorries.
  • Easily manoeuvrable – Can fit in garages, car ports, underground garages and parking spaces.
  • Fits down narrow lanes – Can reach the places that conventional skips can’t!
  • Gets closer to your waste - if the skip is too far from your rubbish, simply move it.

Great for house clearance, kitchen renovations, bathroom renovations, old carpets, old timber, general house renovations, old furniture, garage clear outs, old sheds and big bulky messy waste!

So what can't we do? Heavy stuff! We have to adhere to towing weight limits on uk roads (red tape!) so our skips can't take really heavy building materials, such as concrete, soil, sand, stone and bricks in anything other than small quantities. If you've got lots of construction material then there is only one way to shift it!

So if it’s a spring clean, renovation, light construction, DIY or moving house, Tow a Skip can assist you in all areas of trailer skip hire. We offer 6 or 8 yard mobile skips for the domestic and commercial markets with easy delivery,  no council permits, lockable lids while easily manoeuvrable in tight places.